We cater to a variety of clients including individual property owners, title companies, lenders, builders, architects, engineers, and commercial development professionals. By combining traditional Surveying methods with cutting edge advanced technology we are able to provide our clients the assurance of excellence in a land surveying firm.

Title Surveys

Shows the location of all improvements and easements. The general purpose of title surveys is for purchases of land that will be mortgaged.

Topographical Surveys

A survey which has for its major purposes the determination of the configuration of the surface of the earth (ground), and the location of natural and artificial objects thereon.

Estate Divisions

The creation of a conceptual drawing to layout a property to be divided into different parcels, tracts, or subdivided into a platted subdivision.

Concept & Site Plans

Shows possible layouts for the potential subdivision of a property.

Flood Elevation Certificates & LOMA Filings with FEMA

Used to provide elevation information necessary to ensure compliance with community floodplain management ordinances.

UAV Surveying & Mapping

Utilizing cutting edge technology to collect survey and mapping data with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

Boundary Surveys

The purpose of Boundary Surveys are normally used for determining acreage, obtaining building permits, resolve boundary disputes or erecting fences.

ALTA Surveys

An ALTA Survey is a title survey conforming to ALTA / NSPS standards.

Construction Packages

a package of three builder service options requested: Lot Staking, Form-Board Survey, and a Final Survey to be completed.

Platting and Re-Platting

Creation of a subdivision out of a raw acreage or re-subdivide (Replat) of an existing subdivision.

Annexation Maps

Map for the annexation of a property into the city limits of a municipality.